Backup plan! ‘Barca’ aiming for ‘Moreno’ if heavyweights ‘Levan’

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Barcelona, ​​who are in the hunt for Robert Lewandowski, but are still stuck at Bayern Munich, are not allowed to have a back-up plan by Kerr. Villarreal striker D Moreno will be the representative the team is looking forward to.

Deerio Sport , local media, fierce bulls News reports that Barcelona giants of Spanish La Liga have prepared a backup plan. If you miss out on the signing of Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski with a focus on Villarreal striker Gerard Moreno to add. Sharp, offensive game this UFABET summer 

Destroyer of the Polish national team Is the main goal of Barça to pull the team. And although the players insisted on leaving the Allianz Arena, but the Tigers ‘ board of directors still refused to release . Because there is still one year left on the contract, if the situation is prolonged, the Bundesliga must look for another center forward, with Moreno  becoming a player they are interested in.

The 30-year-old Spaniard has scored 76 goals in 156 games over four years. Recently extended his contract with yellow submarine In August 2021. He will stay with the team until 2027 and has a release clause of around 100 million euros or about 3,674 million baht. The player’s agency is ready to open negotiations at a figure of 40 million euros or about 1,470 million baht. 

However, if Xavi Hernandez the trainer of the Camp Nou wants the real. Will have to compete for many teams to pay attention as well. Especially Atletico Madrid are looking for representatives of the Uruguay striker Luis Suarez. That has not received a new contract and is moving out of the Wanda Metropolitano at the end of this month.  

 Lewandowski also came out to reduce the conflict. The German Bundesliga champion to make a move to play with Barcelona as intended. Saying it was better for Bayern to invest the money from the sale. Instead of keeping it until the end of the contract He didn’t want to put any pressure on him. because it is useless It’s more a matter of trying to find the best solution.