Cannavaro: Pogba is useless at Juventus and France

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More than the first one! Italian legend Fabio Cannavaro has revealed that Paul Pogba will become useless at Juventus. The French national team If you still play the same as before

The countdown of the football contract between Paul Pogba. The French national team player and the “Red Devils” Manchester United. The giant club of the English Premier League football season. The contract will expire on June 30, 65, which will allow the indie shin to move the team for free

Paul Pogba, before moving to Old Trafford, had an outstanding performance with Juventus between 2012 and 2016, prompting Manchester United to sign him. returned to join the army, but it appears that the form of the perfume city footballer is not consistent Makes news that he will move out of the UFABET team at the end of the contract as well

 For the team that is rumored to be grabbing the French footballer Paul Pogba to join the team is Juventus, the top club of the Italian Serie A Serie A, the old agency itself.

The legendary Italian defender Fabio Cannavaro has revealed that Paul Pogba will return to his former homeland. I hope to see the real Paul again. I mean the guy who played for Juventus in the early days, but he has to figure out why his past performance was not good. but if you can’t He is definitely not someone who will benefit Juventus or the France national team.