Cardiff wants “Bale” to join the army, but has some important problems

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Let’s go home! President of the club “The Bullbird” flew directly to negotiate with Gareth Bale. Captain of the Wales national team. The hopes of grabbing the army to join the battle of the Football League Championship which is the hometown team of high-speed shin.

After Wales defeated Ukraine 1-0 in the 2022 World Cup European qualifying play-off final at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff Wales Wales qualified for the World Cup. Another final in 64 years since 1958.

For the Wales national team with Gareth Bale as the team captain. Along with participating in the winning goal that led the “Red Dragon” army to play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Where Bale himself is about to become a free agent after his contract with the team expires. White King Real Madrid the famous Spanish La Liga club.

from such cases causing the news to come out in many ways about. The career path of Gareth Bale, whether to return to play for the old team such as Tottenham Hotspur. The English Premier League club or to move to football with the US Major League Soccer team. Which is not yet have any conclusions

Recently, there was a news report that Cardiff City are hoping to bring in Wales captain Gareth Bale. Club chairman Mehmet Dalman investing in direct talks with him, with Cardiff at home. Bale’s birth, although he never played in Wales.

However, the deal between Cardiff City and Welsh player Gareth Bale will have to stumble because of being stuck in the area. Bale’s wages that have been received from the UFABET team “White King” Real Madrid 600,000 pounds per week, or approximately 27 million Thai baht, which is higher than the wages of the first team players in the Cardiff team combined. We have to wait and see how Bale decides about his future in football.