Differences Dragon tiger and Baccarat, including betting methods

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Online casinos, in addition to offering baccarat betting, also offer games Dragon tiger or playing tiger cards. Dragons are one of those games that are easy to play and require a small number of cards. It is settled on only 1 card. For playing, a total of 52 cards of 6-8 will be used for playing. Making it another popular game. But still it is still less popular than playing baccarat partly. Because of the fact that they do not win points or have to call more cards.

Know the rules of playing DRAGON TIGER

The method of playing is quite simple and not as complicated as baccarat. Only the dealer deals cards between the tiger and the dragon, whichever has the highest score is considered to be the winner. Before the dealer gives out, you can choose to bet immediately. The bets are divided as follows.

1 Bet on Tiger is a bet that the Tiger side will win.

2 Bet on Tiger’s odd number Is a bet whether the tiger’s side loses or wins with just an odd number.

3 Bet on even numbers on the tiger side Is a bet that a losing order will issue a pair of cards.

4 Bet on red on the tiger’s side is a bet that the tiger’s card will be red

5 Black Tiger Bet Is a bet that the tiger’s card will be black.

The dragon side bets are similar in that the payout rate is the same between the tiger and the dragon. Unless you bet on a tie, the highest payout odds are approximately 1 to 8 times.


For the counting of the card points, it is slightly different from the game of Baccarat, arranged from A (lowest point = 1) -2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JQK, respectively. The highest is, which is slightly different from the counting of Baccarat cards. For playing baccarat, the maximum count is only 9 points, but for tigers and dragons, the maximum is equal to 13 points K.

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