Leave it to a ghost fan! ‘Pogba’ booed for poor performance

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Paul Pogba admits he was unhappy with the boos from Manchester United fans because he himself wanted to be appreciated more. while the future of football I want to come back and enjoy playing again.

French midfielder Paul Pogba He gave an interview for the first time after preparing to leave Manchester United after his contract expired at the end of June, admitting that the boos from Red Devils fans had a negative impact on him and the UFABET club. Ready to look forward to enjoying playing football under the new club again. 

relationship of High-level midfielder and Red Devils fans have not been smooth in the latter. As a result of not renewing a new contract of the person and the form of play that is not impressive causing some groups to express their dissatisfaction with booing Like in games against Norwich City and Liverpool last season, the 29-year-old came out to talk about the issue. 

“Everyone wants to feel loved. Everyone needs that in their souls to be appreciated,” said the Frenchman. “Everything you do while growing up. when doing good I want to hear “Very good, very good”. It is always like that. Even the adults themselves want. I think the people around A huge difference maker because they encourage you Or they might disappoint you. It could be both, so you want them to make you better. Just someone saying it’s okay, it’s okay, maybe it will help.” 

Meanwhile, Pogba also said about his future. Wants to enjoy playing football again. This time he is collecting everything, taking the time and just looking for the best. I always wanted to play football that was myself. and enjoy what you do because otherwise it will not play well We may lose games, trophies, but have fun and enjoy ourselves. that’s what i want

for the French world champion Reportedly preparing to move back to play with Juventus in Serie A again after being successful between 2012-2016, but if a contract cannot be agreed upon. Ready to listen to offers from both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. who want to join the army as well