‘Levan’ insists it is clear to consider the offer of ‘Barca’ only one team

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Robert Lewandowski, a veteran shooter Want to move to Barcelona only one team. Without considering the proposals of other teams with Bayern Munich to release him from the team. because I don’t want to go back to playing

Robert Lewandowski smashed the door of Bayern Munich to confirm that. will consider the offer of only one team Barcelona After many big clubs want to join the team. After expressing his stance, he will not return to play for German Bundesliga champions   Bayern Munich, despite having one year left on his contract.

The 33-year-old striker came out to announce through the media at the national service camp.  recently that He will not play for the Tigers again next season. Because his story with the club is over. and he will not renew the contract decisively The UFABET club that is the destination is Barca, but there are many other giants in Europe to stare at it if he changes his mind.

Recently , the Poland national team captain said: “For me, I have not considered any other proposals. Aside from the Barcelona team offer , I would like to leave Bayern Munich, of course. Loyalty and respect are more important than business. But they don’t want to listen to me. I have always worked hard with the club. The best way is to find a solution together. Something in me is dead. So I want to leave Bayern to add more emotions to life.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish media Marca reported that the striker’s blood. It will refuse to join the club’s pre-season training that kicks off in the second week of July. to pressure the club to release from the team After the executive board of giants from the Beer City League. Reluctant to let him move out of the club this summer.

However , Lewandowski has not commented on the news. Because if doing so, it would destroy the spirit of the team he joined since 2014, including the fans who have always supported him, while the Bavarian team I’m looking for a solution to bring out the best.