Manchester City are interested in “Saka” to join the army to compete with “Reds” who want to join

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Good news media “The Blues” Manchester City have increased their interest in seizing Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka. But will have to compete with Liverpool are also reportedly interested in the player.

The transfer market in Europe is becoming more and more active. Each club has a different contract extension period for players on the team. As well as accelerating to find players to strengthen the army in various positions. Wait for the football league to open the season faster. Because at the end of the year there will be the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Daily Mail is a famous British media outlet. News reports on the movement of the football market in the English Premier League football team. The Blues Manchester City, Premier League champions. After he currently has only two years left on his contract with the UFABET team.

Bukayo Saka a 20-year-old star of Arsenal’s “Arsenal” team has performed outstandingly. His last season scoring 11 goals and providing seven assists in league appearances. With 38 appearances in the 2020-21 season. He made 32 league appearances and scored five goals and provided three assists. Making him a much better player.

However, Bukayo Saka has a contract with Arsenal until the middle of 2024 only. Causing rumors to be bought from various clubs to join the army. Having previously been linked with Liverpool. The league team until recently. Manchester City have heightened their interest in Saka after seeing his potential as a key player in the future.