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Gourds, crabs, fish games that people in the past played very popular. Able to bet in a variety of formats, it is one of the most common games. Which today gourds, crabs, fish are in the form of online casinos and it is true, but still relying on the same principles of playing quite a bit. for how to bet What will the payout rate and technique be? Let’s go and see.

Betting rules for gourds, crabs, fish

Betting on gourds, crabs, fish can be divided into 4 main types of bets as follows:

The 6 Single Dice bet is a bet on which of the 3 dice will appear. For example, if you bet that a fish will be fished and one of the 3 dice appears as a fish, it wins.

Double Dice Betting It is a bet on 2 dice that will come out as we want. There are up to 15 betting formats.

Specified Three Out Bets is to specify that it will be out of the face, crab, fish or other

Unspecified Three Out Bets is to predict whether to come out of the Tongue page but not specifying the page

Paying rates for gourds, crabs, fish

Payout odds for a single dice gourd, crab, fish. For example, there are 3 dice. You bet on a single dice that it will be a crab, and when one of the 3 dice is out of a crab, you will be paid 1 time. If the dice come out, 2 crabs will be paid 2 times. and 3 times for dice out 3 crabs

Double Dice Payouts The payouts in this style are 5 times higher than single dice payouts, as is known that there are up to 15 possible combinations.

Unspecified Three Out Bets Payout Rates will receive a payout rate of approximately 24 times the stake

Fixed odds of bet payout Will receive a payout rate of approximately 150 times the stake

Techniques for betting on gourds, crabs, fish

As you know, the best payouts are 24 and 150 times, but both bets require total luck. It is therefore necessary to note that the percentage of this type of dice is drawn only. or choose to bet less but continuously in both types

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