5 ways to gain weight for underweight men too thin figure

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The problem of body weight is not suitable for various factors of the body. It is another big problem that many men have to face. which has a shape that looks too thin opposite to height May face health problems and damaged personality. Thus, it was born as a way to help men gain weight and build muscle. To make a good shape and health to come back stronger. By the way, this is

5 ways to gain weight for underweight men too thin figure

1. Choose to eat foods that focus on protein.

dining Should focus primarily on protein intake. to cause proper muscle building and adjust the metabolism to be balanced Along with eating protein such as fish, eggs, pork, chicken or beef. But it must be the part of the meat that is not fat. It is also a good idea UFABET to eat all 3 meals as usual and the nutritional value should be complete according to the 5 food groups. Can choose to drink additional whey protein powder

2. Increase energy with carbs and fat.

Increase meals that contain carbs and fat. become a part But there must be a limitation on the amount and how to eat properly, such as eating fat. Should choose natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil. grape seed oil Or choose to eat fruits that have natural oils in them. such as avocados, flaxseeds, and almonds, for example. Choose a bunch of whole grain breads, nuts, and whole grain snacks. Including honey and natural fruit juices. To get you only good fats and quality carbohydrates.

3. Strength training

Exercise is another important part that should not be overlooked. because when eating There should be additional muscle strengthening. with weight training exercises to build strong muscles Better reduction in muscle wasting ready to make the body stronger than before Stimulate the immune system and various hormones to return to work in balance.

4. Drink the right amount of water.

Choose the right amount of water to drink each day. It should be drinking 10 glasses of water a day continuously. Use as regular sips throughout the day to reduce the risk of dehydration. It also helps to make quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats. properly maintained within the body ready to exercise Easier to gain muscle mass But should avoid alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, various fruit juices, or even drinking some types of mineral water. with high sugar content should be avoided as well

5. Rest for 8-9 hours a day.

Relaxation for those who want to gain weight It should be at 8-9 hours a day. which sleep effectively It will help prepare the body to receive useful nutrients. come in to create quality for different parts of the body as well and helps strengthen muscles after exercise to remain in the right spot Not too easily damaged or destroyed

Once you’ve figured out which method to use to gain weight. It is recommended to do it continuously. to see clear results quickly and meanwhile Should not be stationary. but should always be physically active along with regular health and weight checks If when the weight increases but then decreases rapidly or weight rising too fast You should consult a doctor immediately.