A collection of the best “ways to lose weight” that don’t work

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Is it you? who spends effort on losing weight again and again But in the end it failed. Because it won’t be long before you become fat again. Plus he’s fatter than the first time. This kind of thing happens because we use the wrong methods. But don’t feel bad. There are also many friends in fate.

And this is a way to lose weight that will fail. It should not be taken as an example. Because it has an extremely negative effect on your health . Let’s see what it has.

A collection of the best "ways to lose weight" that don't work

1. Skip dinner.

One of the most hopeless ways to lose weight. Every time his pants got tight, he complained. “It’s better to stop eating dinner,” because most people understand that it’s an unnecessary meal, and they’ll go to bed anyway. If you eat it, it accumulates fat. This is an incorrect belief.

“Coach Peng” sports scientist The owner of the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com fan page  once said, “Monks don’t eat dinner. Why do we still see monks with fat bellies?” Does this mean that skipping dinner is not the path to slimness?

The reality is Fasting continues for several days. It will make the metabolism worse. The body is weak. low blood sugar abnormal digestive system And what’s worse than that? When you return to eating normally Your body weight may even increase more than at first. Because the metabolism system has already broken down. The yo-yo effect is definitely asking for it.

First of all, you must understand that “Dinner is not the cause of obesity.” But obesity comes from Eating more than the body can completely burn. So even if we don’t eat dinner, But before this it had been fully slammed. and cannot be completely burned out We’re fat anyway. 

The correct one is Eat food to suit your body’s needs. for women (who do not exercise) need about 1,200 calories of energy. For men, it will be no more than 2,000 calories, which we may divide into 3 main meals and snacks between meals. In addition, you should pay attention to the food you choose to eat, such as eating Food that is not fried, not fried, no snacks, desserts like this etc.

2. Stop eating flour.

Most people understand that ” starch ” or ” carbohydrates ” are the cause of obesity. Whenever I go on a diet, I always think of this method because it seems easier than the first method. Because you don’t have to starve the whole meal. Just don’t eat rice and bread…but is it really that simple?

Carbs really aren’t that scary. That alone doesn’t make us fat. But the reason why I am fat is because I eat more than I use. In addition, carbohydrates from unpolished rice also contain dietary fiber and vitamins that the body needs.

When the body lacks carbohydrates for a period of time May cause dizziness, fatigue, and body weakness. Because carbohydrates are a source of energy that our body uses for various activities. From morning until bedtime

Know this and eat it. Just choose to eat foods that contain complex carbs. Or it’s rice, unrefined flour, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and various types of nuts. All of these are carbs that are beneficial to the body.

3. Quick formula to lose weight within 3 – 7 days.

I believe that this type of weight loss innovation must have happened to each of us at some point, especially in the social media era. Stories like this are even easier to pass on. Let’s try to see if it looks familiar. Do you have eyes and anything like this?

Morning: 1 cup of black coffee with 1 sugar.
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs.
Dinner: Vegetable salad.

When I saw it, I couldn’t resist and had to shout out loud, “Oh my God.” How could it be that easy? Eat according to the recipe for just a few days. The obesity that had accumulated over many decades disappeared. Amazing, like a movie, like a drama.

The truth is, eating just this amount each day It’s no different from dieting. Because it is not enough to meet the needs of the body Both in terms of quantity and quality

When you eat according to the formula for 7 days, your weight may actually decrease. But it is the body water and muscle mass that are lost. It’s not fat that we want to get rid of. And of course our metabolism will fail. As soon as you return to your normal way of eating. Your body will swell up. If you’re unlucky, it might swell more than before.

If anyone still uses this method to lose weight, good luck…

4. Dietary supplement products for weight loss

It’s the hottest for this era. It comes with a description of its amazing properties. Eat it and you’ll be slim and have a good figure. Plus, you can eat whatever you want to eat. You can eat high-fat foods. Don’t worry, because these products have the ability to trap fat. Wow…this is the ideal dietary supplement for people who want to be slim but are clearly lazy.

Most of the time, these dietary supplements must come with a clear explanation: “It is not a weight loss pill. ” Because nowadays everyone Now you know how dangerous weight loss pills are to life. But have you noticed that the advertising properties of these dietary supplements are no different from weight loss pills?

Just a little reminder. Recently, there have been raids on factories producing many brands of weight loss supplements because they were mixed with sibutramine. which is a dangerous substance that will stimulate the brain to make you not want to eat food

These products are often said to make you slim if you eat them. Definitely won’t become fat again. This really hits the spot for people who have gone through weight loss many times before.

…but if you eat it you won’t become fat again. These drugs will eventually be unwanted. The production factory probably won’t get rich and get rich again. Sellers wouldn’t have to worry about packing and shipping products… If they ate it and became permanently thin, would they be this rich?

Believe me, properties like this are a myth. No goal can be achieved without effort.

5. Shapewear or stays

Slimming suit Another weight loss innovation that always seems like science fiction. Because it comes with some magnetic technology. Some infrared pellets This will help suck fat out of the belly and other organs. throughout the body Just put it in there. It’s like helping burn fat all the time.

As unbelievable as this sounds, there are still people who believe it…

Please allow me to tell you one truth that may be painful for fans of these products.

Previously, Prof. Dr. Phakdee Pothisiri, former secretary-general of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), had come out and said that Infrared beads have never existed in this world. Because it is an electromagnetic wave that does not have weight loss properties. Lycra fibers and spandex fibers which is a component of the fabric does not have fat reducing properties either.

Wearing a tummy tuck may actually improve your figure while wearing it. But in the end, you will face the problem of “belly” more easily than before. Because the core muscles are not being used. In the end, muscle atrophy will occur. Eat a little bit of something and it goes into your belly.

You can tell that our abdominal muscles are “Stay Natural” If you don’t want to put on a belly, you have to exercise your abdominal muscles. It’s not about finding something to hold it down until it becomes an unused muscle.

And please understand that firmness comes from stronger muscles. and reduced fat It’s not like finding something to fasten and then it will be firm. I understand exactly that.

I wrote this at length in the hope that people who are lost in these methods will have their eyes opened. (Or you may read and argue until the end together. and cursing the writer haha) But let me tell you one thing: If you are thinking of losing weight You must always use the method you can. Become one with the way of life So that you don’t have to become fat again.

…and if anyone tells you that “No need to exercise. You don’t have to choose healthy food to be thin.” You can believe that he really doesn’t want the best of you.

If you want a different result. The method must be changed. Now you know how to be thin, right?